Friday, January 5, 2007

We're Here!

Hey everybody! Please be patient as we build our first blog to help keep all of our friends back in South Carolina updated on what's going on with us. We arrived in Texas and have been working like wildebeests (ha you thought I was going to say dogs didn't you =) ever since moving us into Laurie's parent's old house, and moving them into their new house. We will try to have some pictures and stuff posted soon, but we have to find where we packed the camera. :) We will post more stuff as we have time, but we wanted to just let you all know that we got here safely. We love and miss you all.

P.S. here are some pictures of our new house. Come and visit!

P.P.S Joel is now an Uncle for the first time and he is VERY excited about it! Linnea Marie Merritt was born on January 3rd at 9:58 pm. He is still waiting for pictures of her due to technical difficulties.

YEAH RIGHT WE WISH!! Ok maybe not, but you can still come visit.


The Brickles said...

Hey Y'aaallll!!

How 'bout them Bears!!

We sure do miss you! Which one of those rooms in the Palace is mine (deb)??

Dan said...

Congratulations Uncle Joel. Thanks for keeping us posted. We are praying for you. Hope your dinner engagement goes well tonight.

Dan Rummel

"A Christian soldier, if he fights to win, prays much." E.M. Bounds