Friday, April 6, 2007


I know that it has been an incredibly long time since an update, but things have been very busy and I wasn't sure that anybody was still reading this thing. I have been assured that at least my Mom and grandmother are reading it still so here is new info at least for them. I started my real estate career yesterday with orientation at my new firm, and will be doing a lot of training in the coming weeks. I would love your prayers, as it is a lot to learn, and of course I don't make money until I sell something. This Sunday will be the first official service at our new church. We are very excited. Please pray though as the youth ministry definitely needs some work. With it being new there is no youth staff, and most of the volunteers are very busy as is typical. It looks as if Laurie and I will be taking on some additional responsibilities and I will like be assuming the point person role shortly to try and help bring some better structure to the ministry. This is very exciting, but very challenging as well.
We no longer have South Carolina numbers as my mobile will be the primary way that my clients can get a hold of me. Our new cell phone numbers are as follows:
Joel= 512-417-6357
Laurie= 512-417-7041

Feel free to call us! For some reason I can't think of much else to say right now, but I love and miss you all. We (or at least I) will be back sometime during the beginning of May. I would like to be home for 2 Sundays if possible, but don't know if I can practically afford to miss that much work. We'll see.
Thanks for your prayers!!! Keep them coming

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