Thursday, April 16, 2009


Since Caleb was born almost six weeks ago, I've been feeling somewhat like I'm riding a merry-go-round - constantly moving, but never getting anywhere. I'm a task-oriented person. For years, I avoided admitting that, because it's not the way I want to be. But it's the way I am. I don't like reaching the end of a day and feeling like I haven't accomplished anything. Over the last six weeks, I've felt that way a lot. Caleb had a lot of difficulty nursing at first, and we still don't have it completely down. It takes him between 45 minutes and an hour to nurse, sometimes even longer. Multiple that by at least eight, and I have a full-time job just feeding the little guy! Add in the other baby care activities, and I'm having a hard time getting anything else done. The house is a mess, I don't remember when I last scrubbed the kitchen floor, the bushes have needed trimming for weeks, etc. What I have begun praying every day is that God will help me remember that feeding and caring for Caleb IS accomplishing something, and something very significant, at that. God has loaned us this little life to care for, and that is way more important than the piles on the kitchen counter! Maybe that's one of the reasons God was gracious enough to give us a child, so that I would have opportunities to learn proper priorities! Meanwhile, if you come over to our house, please try to ignore the dirty floor!

Here are a few more pictures of our precious gift. I don't have any within the last week, so you'll have to wait to see his poor bald little head. But that's another post...

He is growing so quickly! I took this picture a couple weeks ago because I was so excited that some of his onesies were finally starting to fit him. Now some of them are a little tight, especially when he's wearing a cloth diaper. I'll have to take some pictures of his big cloth diaper butt!
he has this funny thing about raising his arms!

we happened to catch a rare smile!

chillin' in his pack 'n' play

when we got to church on Sunday, Caleb was fast asleep in his car seat just like this!

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Tessa said...

Good grief, woman! Scrubbing your kitchen floor??! I don't think I've ever scrubbed my kitchen floor and I don't have a baby ;)... that's what swifters are for, ha!