Monday, February 16, 2009

Take Two!

I guess you could say we haven't done a very good job keeping this blog updated! With Caleb's impending birth, we are going to try to do a little bit better! I (Laurie) tend to post things on Facebook, but since not everyone has access to that, we're going to try to post pictures, etc., on here also. Joel was always the one who did this in the past, so I am tentatively feeling my way and trying to figure out the basics!

Joel is currently staying busy with his personal training course. He will be going to a conference this weekend, which should be an interesting experience. I am staying busy eating! :) I've been spending time working on planning a special night for the high school girls at church. It's over now, so I'm redirecting my attention to getting ready for Caleb! Only about 4 weeks left!

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