Friday, July 3, 2009

Not a Newborn Anymore!

On June 7, Caleb turned 3 months old! That marks the "official" transition between being a newborn and an infant. He's growing up so quickly!

Caleb has a funny habit of opening his eyes really wide sometimes. Joel says he takes after me, which may be the case! When I was on a mission trip to Mexico a number of years ago, we were without a translator for a while in the middle of VBS. I improvised by leading the kids in a Spanish song where the song is repeated, faster and faster each time. A few little girls were giggling hysterically by the end, and I had the uncomfortable feeling that they were laughing at me. I was right! I found out later that my eyes got wider and wider as the song got faster and faster, and they thought it was hilarious. :)

this is one of my favorite pictures of Caleb

another favorite...doesn't it look like he really is taking his first sip of sweet tea?

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April Emery said...

i love the photos! sounds like you guys are just eating Caleb up! :)